Flemish Brabant

Picturesque villages with breathtaking views

Explore this region with our scenic balloon flights, with Tienen being a unique highlight. Float above historic Tienen and admire the Gothic St. Germanus Church. The rolling landscapes of this area, drenched in green fields and picturesque villages, provide a soothing and breathtaking backdrop. Our balloon flights, accessible from one person, promise an unforgettable experience with flexible take-off locations based on weather conditions. Let yourself be taken on a journey that reveals the cultural and natural splendor of this region, and enjoy a unique perspective on this enchanting region.

Tienen Vlaams Brabant
Ballonvaart Vlaamse ardennen

The sugar city and its surroundings from the air in flemish Brabant!

Discover the fun of hot air ballooning in the vibrant region of Tienen, where various flights depart, taking into account the nearby Brussels Airport. Our flexible approach, based on accurate weather forecasts, ensures a safe and exciting experience. Float above this region, admire the Gothic splendor and experience the enchanting landscapes of this region. With take-off locations tailored to the weather conditions of the day, we offer one of the most enjoyable hot air balloon rides in the region. Be enchanted by the breathtaking views and discover the magic of this vibrant environment from the air.

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Flemish Brabant, an idyllic region for hot air ballooning.

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