Deploy a hot air balloon and strengthen your brand awareness!

Belair Flying People offers more than just hot air balloon experiences. We also act as a valuable partner for companies and their marketing that want to increase their brand awareness, both literally and figuratively. With our unique business capabilities, we help you get your business name high in the sky and in the minds of your customers. Together we create an unforgettable experience and strengthen your brand image. Let us take your business to new heights!

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Your company name and logo on our hot air balloon

As a company looking for a partner for your own company hot air balloon, you have found that partner at Belair Flying People. We offer various options, from 2-passenger hot air balloons to larger capacities, taking your business to new heights. What makes our service truly unique is that we can design the balloon completely according to your wishes and the corporate identity of your company. In fact, we can even create a balloon shaped like your product. Let Belair Flying People help you elevate your brand, literally and figuratively!

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A long-lasting impact without recurring marketing costs!

The costs of operating a hot air balloon depends on the specific wishes and needs of the partner company. The attractive thing about a hot air balloon is that it is a one-time investment with a long-term impact, without recurring costs. The average lifespan of a hot air balloon is approximately 8 years, depending on the intensity of use. This makes it not only a cost-efficient choice, but also a sustainable investment for increasing brand awareness and carrying out creative promotional campaigns. Choose a hot air balloon to take your business to new heights and capture attention.

Active throughout Flanders

Belair Flying People is active throughout Flanders, but also reaches far beyond when it comes to putting brands and products in the spotlight. With your own company hot air balloon, the possibilities are endless for carrying out striking promotional campaigns. Whether you want to raise local awareness or run a national branding campaign, our hot air balloons provide an eye-catching and memorable way to achieve your goals. Let Belair Flying People help you make your brand take off and turn heads everywhere.

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