Terms & Conditions – Cancellation Policy

Please note: These general terms and conditions are only there to promote the smooth running of the balloon flight and the contact between Belair Flying People bv and the customer.

1. Purchase of a gift voucher
1.1 A gift voucher can be ordered via the internet, e-mail or telephone. We will always ask you to confirm your verbal order via e-mail.
1.2 After requesting by e-mail, Belair Flying People bv confirms the order and provides a unique voucher number per booking. After the confirmation email, the customer has 3 days to confirm by email and transfer the advance payment or the full amount. After payment of the deposit or the full amount, cancellation is no longer possible. There is therefore no possibility whatsoever
until reimbursement.
1.3 When ordering a balloon flight, a date can be reserved immediately (see art.2). In that case, canceling the order is no longer possible.
1.4 If a date for a balloon flight is not immediately reserved when ordering, the customer can cancel the booking free of charge within 7 working days of his request. However, this must be done by registered letter and the receipt number must be stated. The 7 days start as soon as we have sent the customer a confirmation with the receipt number.

2. Reserving a hot air balloon ride
2.1 With a gift voucher, the customer can reserve a balloon flight at Belair Flying People bv. An e-mail must be sent to info@mijn-ballonvaart.be asking you to set a date or use the simple booking system on the website www.mijn-ballonvaart.be.
The date is determined based on the dates still available in the planning of Belair Flying People bv.
2.2 The reserved date will be confirmed by Belair Flying People bv by return e-mail.
2.3 A reserved date cannot be moved free of charge by the customer less than 3 days prior to the balloon flight.
2.4 The balloon flight can be rescheduled up to 7 days before the reserved date subject to payment of a fee of 25 euros per passenger. The customer will receive an additional invoice for this (if desired).
2.5 Within a period of 7 days before the sailing, the reserved date can no longer be moved without a good reason. The gift voucher then loses its validity. However, the voucher can be passed on to someone else who will then sail on the reserved date.
2.6 Belair Flying People bv can cancel the balloon flight if the weather conditions do not allow a guaranteed safe flight. This is solely at the discretion of the balloonist. In that case, no compensation or refund of the price will take place. The customer can access it
reserve us a new trip via e-mail or the booking system.
2.7 The gift voucher expires 1 year after the date of issue. This date is stated on the gift voucher. After 1 year, a reservation can no longer be made with the gift voucher. An expired gift voucher does not entitle you to any refund or compensation. If the customer contacts us for the first time after the expiry date, the voucher has expired but can be extended for a maximum of 1 year upon payment of 25 euros per person.
2.8 Unless it concerns a private balloon flight, the balloon flight is made from one of the fixed boarding locations of Belair Flying People bv. In the case of a private balloon flight, the customer can change the take-off location at the last minute by the balloonist. This if the wind direction is not favorable in accordance with aviation regulations that do not allow take-off there due to the unfavorable wind direction.
2.9 The passengers will be contacted by telephone or receive an SMS message on the registered number in our booking system on the day of the reserved sailing, or the evening before a morning sailing.

3. The execution of the balloon flight
3.1 Belair Flying People bv will carry out the balloon flight carefully and professionally, taking into account the applicable laws and regulations.
3.2 Because ballooning is highly dependent on meteorological conditions, the balloon flight may turn out differently than expected. A statement of the distance, direction and nature of the balloon flight is always based on an estimate and on ideal conditions. No rights can be derived.
3.3 Belair Flying People bv cannot allow the balloon flight to take place at the very last minute if the (weather) conditions do not allow a guaranteed safe balloon flight at the take-off location at that time. This is solely at the discretion of the balloonist who will conduct the flight. (See art. 2.6)
3.4 The right to take a hot air balloon ride with the gift voucher expires in the following cases:
a. if the customer does not show up or does not show up on time at the time and place of appointment that was communicated by telephone on the day of the reserved trip.
b. if the customer cannot present a valid gift voucher before the start of the cruise.
c. if, according to the accounts of Belair Flying People bv, no payment for the gift voucher has been received and the customer cannot provide proof of payment at that time.
3.5 The passengers who make the balloon flight must adhere to the instructions given by the pilot and other employees of Belair Flying People bv. This applies before, during and after the voyage.
3.6 By participating in the balloon flight, participants accept the risk of minor injuries (due to scrapes, bumps, etc.), loss or contamination of personal equipment, clothing, cameras, etc.
3.7 The carrier’s liability for personal injury and death is limited to an amount equal to the equivalent of the value of the hot air balloon stated in the insurance (combined single limit).
3.8 The liability of Belair Flying People bv is in all cases limited to the amount paid out in the relevant case under the liability insurance of Belair Flying People bv. A copy of the policy will be sent upon request.
3.9 The provisions of art. 3.7 and art. 3.8 do not apply if and insofar as the damage is caused by intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of Belair Flying People or otherwise conflicts with the rules of mandatory law.

4. Payment
4.1 Payment for the gift voucher is made when booking. The gift voucher is valid as soon as Belair Flying People bv has confirmed the booking by e-mail and provided a gift voucher number.
4.2 The advance payment or total amount (in agreement with the customer) must be credited to our account within 7 days after reservation.
4.3 If a balance still needs to be paid, this will be done either by bank transfer at least three days before the reserved trip or cash payment just before the start of the reserved trip.
4.4 If payment is not made on time, the customer is liable to pay interest on the total amount of 1% per month from 7 days after reservation. For a first reminder, 25 euros administration costs will be charged. If Belair Flying People bv outsources the collection of the claim, the customer owes all collection costs incurred with a minimum of 125 euros.

5. Complaints and disputes
5.1 Customers who are dissatisfied with the performance of the agreement can submit a written complaint to Belair Flying People bv. Belair Flying People bv will, after hearing the customer if necessary, answer this complaint carefully and in writing.
5.2 Submitting a complaint does not entitle the customer to suspension
(payment) obligations.
5.3 Complaints must be submitted as soon as possible, under penalty of forfeiture of rights, but in any case within 14 days after the incident about which the customer has a complaint.
5.4 Any legal claim of the customer under this agreement expires after a period of one year after the balloon flight or, if no balloon flight has been made, one year after the booking date. Before that date, the customer must have brought the claim before the competent court, even if a complaint is still pending.
5.5 This agreement is exclusively governed by Belgian law. Belgian law has exclusive jurisdiction to settle disputes. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the district where the registered office of Belair Flying People bv is located have jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.