Fly in the 'hot air ballooning region' in Belgium

The Waasland is a beautiful destination for hot air ballooning, with numerous breathtaking locations. It is known for a balloon flight Sint-Niklaas, the ‘balloon city’, which annually hosts an enchanting balloon festival. Explore the picturesque landscapes of this region from the air and enjoy unforgettable adventures in the clouds.

balloonflight sint-niklaas

Different locations such as Sint-Niklaas, Lokeren,…

The Waasland offers a diversity of balloon flights, ranging from green landscapes to vibrant cityscapes. With a balloon flight you can explore both quiet natural areas and lively conurbations. You can admire the beauty of the Molsbroek nature reserve in Lokeren, while an ascent from Moerbeke offers you a breathtaking view of the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde. If the wind is favorable, there is even a chance to take off from the market square in Sint-Niklaas. The balloon flight Sint-Niklaas promise unforgettable adventures, where you can experience the diverse character of this region from the air.

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