Van Doorsselaere Jonas

Welcome to Belair Flying People, the ballooning company founded by Jonas Van Doorsselaere. Ever since he was young, Jonas was passionate about ballooning: when he was 12 years old, he already was an active crew member of various ballooning teams in East Flanders. In this way, he got acquainted with the ins and outs linked to a successful balloon flight. At the age of 16, Jonas decided to start the course as balloonist himself and two years later, he obtained his commercial license. Jonas then became one of the youngest balloonists in Belgium!

In the beginning years, Jonas worked for various companies as a freelance pilot and that’s when JomarBallooning was called into existence. Through the years of experience as a freelance pilot, Jonas decided in 2009 to give new momentum to JomarBallooning. He came up with a new corporate design, he launched a website and to top it all, the first hot air balloon was bought: Belair Flying People was born! Today, Jonas, 26 years old, already has achieved more than 750 astonishing flights!

In cooperation with partner Expertum, a new hot air balloon was put into use recently. Belair Flying People takes care of balloon rides for Expertum as well as for other enterprises and private individuals in Belgium, but also abroad. In this way,  Belair Flying People is aiming at a superb finishing touch to the ballooning trips because we do not only want to spoil our customers, we also want to allow the companies opting for Belair Flying people to establish a good relationship with their clients. In a nutshell: the perfect win win situation!

So as already mentioned above, the activities of Belair Flying People’s are not limited to the Belgian frontiers! As a matter of fact, we went for balloon rides in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Soon, we will celebrate the 10 years of Belair Flying People’s existence!

Furthermore, Jonas Van Doorsselaere also is the executive director of Belair-Fun, specialized in the rental of inflatable castles!