Scheldt region

Picturesque villages with breathtaking views

Explore the beautiful region with our enchanting balloon flights, an unforgettable flight that reveals the picturesque charm of the region. Glide above vast fields and picturesque villages. Our flights, accessible from one person, promise breathtaking views of historic sights and green landscapes. Flexible starting locations, tailored to weather forecasts, guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. Experience the freedom of floating through the air as the region unfolds beneath you. Be seduced by the magic of hot air ballooning and enjoy the unique perspectives this region has to offer.

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Various possible starting locations in the Scheldt region!

Discover the versatility of the region with our balloon flights, where the starting locations extend between Ghent, Dendermonde and Aalst. From quaint villages to vast fields, our diverse options offer something for everyone. Soar above historic cities, winding rivers and green landscapes. Our flexible approach, based on accurate weather forecasts, ensures a safe and exciting experience. Regardless of your preference, our canals promise a breathtaking view of the enchanting region.

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Scheldt region, an idyllic region for hot air ballooning.

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