Bruges region

"Bruges, the beautiful" from the sky!

Explore this city and region and its surroundings with our enchanting hot air balloon rides. Admire the historic splendor of the medieval city from the air with its graceful canals, centuries-old architecture and iconic Belfry Tower. Discover the charming alleys, the historic Market and the serene canals that characterize the city. From the hot air balloon you will enjoy a unique perspective of the famous sights and picturesque landscape around this city. Book your adventure from one person and let yourself be taken on an unforgettable hot air balloon ride above this cultural treasure of Belgium.

Brugge ballonvaart ballonvaren bruges balloon flight
Ballonvaart boven Brugge

Bruges is a historic city

As you float above the medieval city, it unfolds like a vibrant work of art with its historic canals, Gothic architecture and green parks. Our flexible approach, tailored to the weather conditions, guarantees a safe and exciting journey. The magical view of the Belfry Tower, the Grote Markt and the winding alleys makes this hot air balloon ride an unforgettable experience. Whether you fly alone or with company, our flights offer an intimate and breathtaking introduction to the cultural heritage of this city.

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