Antwerp region

The city and region from the air!

Experience the magic of hot air ballooning over the city and its region, with the location determined by the weather conditions on the day of the flight. Discover the beauty of historical sites, modern architecture and scenic surroundings. Enjoy a unique perspective of the Scheldt, characteristic cathedrals and green landscapes that characterize this region. Our balloon flights offer an unforgettable experience, with each flight revealing the specific charm and special features of the city and its surroundings. Be enchanted by the beautiful panoramas that this region has to offer.

antwerpen ballonvaart antwerp

Antwerp from the air!

Experience a unique hot air balloon ride above the city! Our adventurous trips are accessible from one person. With safety as a top priority, we flexibly adjust the starting location based on current weather conditions. Although we aim to be above the city, the departure point can be on the outskirts of the city, ensuring a varied and scenic experience. Discover it from the air and be carried away by the magic of a hot air balloon ride above and around this unique city.

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We have already made several beautiful trips above and around this region.

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Fly with us

Together we discover the Antwerp region from our basket!

Book a breathtaking hot air balloon ride today with Belair Flying People in the enchanting region of Antwerp and be whisked away to new heights of wonder!