How safe are balloon rides?

The hot air balloon is one of the safest forms of flying. Our flights are therefore executed by professional pilots who dispose of all the necessary licenses and meteorological foreknowledge. Each year, our balloons are checked by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), but also by the manufacturer. Our pilots are assisted by a well-trained ground crew which will drive the passengers safely back to the meeting point.


Afraid of heights?

There is scientific proof that it is impossible to be afraid of heights when there is no direct contact (for instance by means of a rope, ladder, wall,…) between you and the ground.Vertigo is an instinct that warns you for dangerous heights. Your subconsciousness ‘measures’ the distance between your eyes and the ground by means of a reference (rope, ladder or wall). Take away this reference, and your ‘measuring system’ stops working, even when you consciously think about vertigo! Besides, do you experience vertigo in an airplane?


Ballooning; is it seasonal?

Ballooning is possible during the whole year. The moment when the meteorological conditions are good enough to fly, you can discover us in the air – also in winter and autumn. It goes without saying that the summer is the peak period.


Which clothes do I wear during a balloon ride?

A lot of people think that it is cold during a balloon ride. Nothing is less true, not even in winter! Because we sail at the same speed of the wind (we fly WITH the wind), you don’t feel any wind-chill factor. Furthermore, the radiation heat of the balloon heats us too. The clothes you wear during a balloon flight can be compared to the clothes you would wear to go on a walk that day. However, we do advise waterproof shoes and some kind of hat.


How long does the whole process take?

An average arrangement as a whole takes 3 or 4 hours. Belair guarantees you that you spend at least one hour in the air! We pay a lot attention to the service that we offer to our clients. The distance covered by the balloon, or a highway near the landing site can also play a role.


When do I know whether the balloon ride can take place?

In case of an evening flight, we will call you between 14h and 15h. In case of a morning flight, we’ll call you the evening before, when we have the latest weather forecasts. Rarely if ever can we tell something definite.


What if the balloon ride is cancelled?

We immediately arrange a new date!

How do I get back after touchdown?

With each balloon ride, Belair provides retreive cars that will bring all the passengers back to the meeting point. It goes without saying that family members or friends who also want to follow this experience, are welcome as well


Am I insured?

Yes! Belair has a third party liability insurance, type ‘combined single limit’. This policy offers a better covering than the minimum legal obligations. So we also offer quality in this matter!